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Case Study


Digital Agency
New Zealand
What challenges did you face before starting your positive journey?

We are doing a lot of on-site film & video work and are conscious of our impact on the environment.


We didn’t know how to go about quantifying our environmental impact, or where to get started.

As we are a small team and time-poor, we needed something that was easy, straightforward, and enabled us to get started quickly.

How does CarbonInvoice

help you as a business?

Our key customers, especially Government, increasingly value and require us to show evidence that we are taking care of our carbon emissions.

We feel confident that with CarbonInvoice we are doing our part, and we are proud to be able to share our impact with our customers and network. It’s a great feeling to be supporting New Zealand and planting native trees.

There’s no change to our processes: every time we issue an invoice, we know that we are planting native New Zealand trees.

Asset 5ocular.png

CarbonInvoice is easy to understand, and it was straightforward to get started. Our key customers value and recognise this as evidence of our sustainability journey. We love knowing that we are doing our part for New Zealand by planting native trees every time we issue an invoice to mitigate our impact on the environment.

Stevo O'Rourke


Company Size
10-25 people
Years in Business
18+ years
Accounting Software
Invoicing Software
Start your positive story with CarbonInvoice™
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CarbonInvoice™ makes it easy for businesses to understand the carbon intensity generated by each project, for each client and how to instantly offset them. Start taking action immediately and share a meaningful story for your business, with your clients, network and team.


Are you ready to give the humble invoice a powerful voice?

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