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Case Study

Webb Henderson (New Zealand)

Legal (Commercial & Regulatory Law)
Auckland, NZ
Why does your carbon journey matter to you?

ESG and sustainability are key topics in the ecosystem that are being addressed in conversations with most clients.


In addition to being part of the procurement process, our clients are increasingly asking us to provide advice through a sustainability lens. Our clients appreciate and value sustainability actions and expect us to provide evidence of the actions we are taking in this space.


We strive to be a sustainable brand, not only for our clients and our team but also for our environment. And we are driven to take meaningful, and measurable, steps towards a more sustainable future.

How does CarbonInvoice

help you as a business?

CarbonInvoice helps us to clearly and transparently demonstrate to our clients and network one of the ESG actions we are taking. CarbonInvoice measures and removes all of our carbon emissions. This includes the scope 3 emissions from our suppliers upstream.


The process itself is straightforward and hands-off and enables us to take immediate action, stay on top of our sustainability efforts and share the impact and progress with our clients.

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While we have been carbon neutral for a while, CarbonInvoice has provided us with a solution that allows us to efficiently capture data and offset emissions and then present that to our clients each month.


The product is easy to use and provides a touchpoint to engage in important conversations with clients on ESG and sustainability measures.

Michael Gartshore


Webb Henderson (New Zealand)

Company Size
25-50 people
Years in Business
10+ years
Accounting Software
Invoicing Software
Start your positive story with CarbonInvoice™
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CarbonInvoice™ makes it easy for businesses to understand the carbon intensity generated by each project, for each client and how to instantly offset them. Start taking action immediately and share a meaningful story for your business, with your clients, network and team.


Are you ready to give the humble invoice a powerful voice?

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