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Case Study


Human Health Services
What challenges did you face before starting your positive journey?

As a business being involved in the employment space, it is important for us to act responsibly and always deliver value to our clients. We see high value in doing good and doing the right thing, this includes showing our clients that we are taking relevant steps towards sustainability.

We started seeing questions on tenders around ESG policies and understand that we need to take action to succeed in the future.


We had been actively scanning for options to measure and mitigate our carbon emissions, however, nothing was able to meet our requirements of simplicity, easy to understand and cost/time effectiveness.

How does CarbonInvoice

help you as a business?

The convenience of CarbonInvoice has allowed us to get started right away. We simply logged in and CarbonInvoice took care of the rest. Everything is automated, allowing us to have a real impact on the planet almost instantly.

We don’t need to learn anything new, or spend time getting up to speed. We can focus on what we do best in serving our clients and their people, and have confidence knowing our emissions are taken care of.

CarbonInvoice also supplies us with relevant, well-prepared collateral related to supporting us in winning Government and Corporate tenders. This makes it super easy for us to share our impact with our clients and network at large.

Asset 5pitch.png

Getting signed up was fast, seamless, and easy. I love that I could get started right away.

The power of speed and the ease of the solution was exactly fit for our situation. Time absolutely is money for a SME, so the decision to go with CarbonInvoice was a no-brainer.

Tom Aune

Founder and Director

Company Size
10-25 people
Years in Business
20+ years
Accounting Software
Invoicing Software
Start your positive story with CarbonInvoice™
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CarbonInvoice™ makes it easy for businesses to understand the carbon intensity generated by each project, for each client and how to instantly offset them. Start taking action immediately and share a meaningful story for your business, with your clients, network and team.


Are you ready to give the humble invoice a powerful voice?

Sign up today to start your positive journey

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