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Become a part of the movement.
Take ownership, create value and positive impact


Our actions today can improve our future tomorrow

We are Positive Cooperative, the makers and shapers of CarbonInvoice™. We stand for real impact, real awareness and real positivity - and we stand for independent businesses.

We believe that everyone can make a positive impact. Only in cooperation and collaboration between us, our users, their clients and ultimately every business can we create a meaningful movement. 

Become a part of the movement, take ownership, create value and positive impact.

We are preparing for Seed Raise and are keen to hear from investors who believe that only by taking action today, can we improve our future tomorrow.

If you’re interested in investing, please fill out our Expression of Interest form. The CarbonInvoice leadership will reach out at an appropriate time to confirm next steps.

Be aware, be active and be positive.

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