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Simple but powerful.

Create positive impact with every invoice


Simply connect your accounting data for instant insights

Connect your accounting data, and we'll do the rest. In just minutes you will know the carbon emissions that are generated by each project, for each of your clients, and how to easily remove them.

Integrated invoices

with an impact

Simple and hands-off - no change to your internal process for invoicing clients. A carbon cost calculation is automatically added to every invoice for configured clients.

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Take the lead,

and offset your projects

We work with trusted and credible providers in the climate space, giving you confidence and transparency that each and every project is credibly mitigated. Or even better, inspire your clients the option to start their own positive journey!

Leverage your impact

and share your story

Celebrate your efforts and proudly share your Positive Profile with the world. Make each project shine. Make your clients shine. Make your brand shine.


Why choose CarbonInvoice?


Starting your positive journey is simple

Understand your business’ emissions impact and immediately start removing carbon with each invoice you send out.


Meaningful action for your business

Take tangible action. Add brand value. Retain clients, win clients, and engage employees.


Positive impact on the future

Share your efforts. Start the conversation. Your actions now will create positive impact on our future and planet.

A robust emissions measurement model based on real data 
Measurment model

How does CarbonInvoice measure and track emissions?

To calculate a business's total carbon intensity, CarbonInvoice uses official location specific Industry Standard Emissions Factors and analyses a business’s accounting data into carbon categories, in alignment with the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Inventory.

CarbonInvoice then apportions a business’ carbon intensity on a per-invoice basis in order to mitigate the intensity at the invoice level.

In order to keep this calculation up to date and automatically mitigate emissions at the invoice level, CarbonInvoice maintains a connection to the business accounting ledger.

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Real impact through tangible carbon removal mechanisms
Mitigating Emissions
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How does CarbonInvoice reduce my business’ carbon intensity?

CarbonInvoice works with trusted and credible partners in the climate space. We have partnered with Trees That Count and Carbon Positive Australia for the funding of native tree planting to enable the mitigation of a business carbon footprint over 50 years from planting.


Planting trees is a tangible and robust carbon removal mechanism, which we and our customers strongly believe in, specifically native trees. Moreover, by supporting native tree planting, Positive Businesses not only reduce their carbon footprint but help strengthen biodiversity and support communities to thrive.



Are you ready to give the humble invoice a powerful voice?

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