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How measurement works
Measure in 3 simple steps, in 3 minutes.
Tell us about your business.
We use this information to calculate emissions generated by your people doing their work, like commuting, electricity and waste.
Connect your accounting data.
We combine activity based information from your people with  spend-based information from your accounts.
Your part is complete.
Our software does the rest. The entire process only takes 3 minutes. Go make a cup of coffee while you wait or watch it happen in real time.
*Values not accurate.
Do your measurement to know your number.
No changes to your workflow.Let the measurement happen while you make a coffee.
What you do with CarbonInvoice
Provide some business details
Connect your accounting data
It’s that easy to measure.
Spend 3 minutes measuring to avoid weeks and weeks of consultant work.
What you do with consultants, not CarbonInvoice
One-off tasks
Find a consultant
Negotiate project scope and cost
Identify internal project tem – Finance and Ops
Consultant on-site to brief team
Data gathering for measurement (6-12 weeks)
Consultant presents measurement report
Decide on actions, reduce and offset
Implement actions, either with our without consultants support Implementation time: 6-12 months
Achieve certification
ongoing meetings with consultant to track progress
Ongoing tasks
Establish new process for carbon data gathering and reporting process. Often involves changes to existing reporting
Trust in our technology.Know your business is safe with us.
Your data is secure.
Security is considered a crucial aspect of the CarbonInvoice culture and way of operating. We use bank-level standards to keep your data safe.
Explore our security standards ->
Your data, used for measurement.
You own your data, we use it solely to measure your carbon footprint. You give us permission to use your data for this purpose while you use the product. We don't own it or share it with anyone.
Mature proven technology.
The CarbonInvoice data processing platform has been running for 10 years on AWS servers and processed over 27,000 small businesses without a security incident.
Explore our story ->
Compliant with GHG Standards.
CarbonInvoice uses a Multi-Layered Categorisation and Calculation approach to measurement. Our process accords with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, which is the internationally accepted standard to measure and manage emissions.
Explore the GHG Protocol ->
Trusted by 100’s of services firms
in Australia and New Zealand
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