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We believe in the power of positivity. Only together we can create meaningful impact.


We are Positive Cooperative

We exist so every independent business can make a positive impact by taking meaningful climate action. Be aware, be active and be positive is our motto.

For too long climate change and capitalism have been stuck at opposite ends of the negotiating table, unable to reach agreement. 40% of global emissions come from small and medium businesses - while more than half say it’s important to measure and reduce their carbon footprint, only 1 in 20 actually do. Something is not right.


We think the answer to this is making businesses aware and giving ways to take smart actions they can be proud of. Action is our tool and positivity is our fuel. Humans learn best through experiences, and we deliver these in memorable and lasting ways, stimulating more action and compounding the impact.  


We are independent business owners ourselves and understand that most of us don’t start our week thinking about the 10 ways we can reduce our carbon footprint. We didn’t go into business to become carbon experts, and neither did you. But all of us want to do the right thing for the species. Choosing to have a Positive impact and do good will pay off far more than the status quo. We ask for minutes of your precious time and turn it into dollars of revenue. Simple.  


Our team are data experts, climate organisers and fintech wizards. We have spent over 10 years thinking about the problems to be solved, and have the knowledge and perspective to do so. Now is our time. 

We are Positive. We stand for real impact, real awareness and real positivity - and we stand for independent businesses. If this is you, come and do Positive Business with us today. 


Come join us

We're growing, and are looking for great people to join our team.

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