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Positive Businesses win.
Businesses that offer the best service and do the right thing will be the only ones to survive and thrive.



Proud to showcase this year’s CarbonInvoice Top 75 Sustainability-Ready Businesses of 2023

What is a Positive Business?


A Positive Business is a business that is a leader in their industry by taking concrete climate action and making a positive impact on the world.


A Positive Business displays transparent and accountable actions to clients, suppliers, employees and their network.


A Positive Business openly demonstrates its commitment to sustainability and shares its journey to inspire others to follow its lead.


What is the Positive Business Badge?

The Positive Business badge is a designation that a business has taken positive action with CarbonInvoice™.

Positive Businesses displays accountability, transparency,  commitment, and leadership, and are proud to be part of the Positive Business Movement. 



Positive Accounting done by CarbonInvoice, ready to mitigate all emissions



Group 19.png

Taking action by planting native trees with every invoice going forward




Publicly communicating the  positive impact on the world




Leading by example to inspire others to take positive action

Positive Businesses are empowered by CarbonInvoice
Tom Aune_oval.png

Getting signed up was fast, seamless, and easy. I love that I could get started right away. The power of speed and the ease of the solution was exactly fit for our situation. Time absolutely is money for a SME, so the decision to go with CarbonInvoice was a no-brainer.


Tom Aune
Suremploy (Founder and Director)

Clients love it

See what other Positive Businesses say

Blair Hesp.png

Blair Hesp
Kainic Medical Communications (Managing Director)

When we’re raising CarbonInvoice, >50% of clients are coming back and commenting about how awesome this is, so we’ve definitely got what we want out of this from the marketing perspective, above and beyond the environmental impact.

A robust emissions measurement model based on real data 
Measurment model

All Positive Business badge-holders have completed the measurement of their business emissions through CarbonInvoice’s multi-layered categorisation and calculation approach.

To calculate a business's total carbon intensity, CarbonInvoice uses official location specific Industry Standard Emissions Factors and analyses a business’s accounting data into carbon categories, in alignment with the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Inventory.

CarbonInvoice then apportions a business’ carbon intensity on a per-invoice basis in order to mitigate the intensity at the invoice level.

In order to keep this calculation up to date and automatically mitigate emissions at the invoice level, CarbonInvoice maintains a connection to the business accounting ledger.

Group 8.png

In the first five months since we've partnered with CarbonInvoice™ we've contributed to planting 50 native trees, removing the emissions from our recruitment services. We are thrilled with our progress so far and remain committed to pursuing this important work alongside our clients and contractors.

Jenny Ferguson
Place Recruitment (Mangaging Director)

Real impact through tangible carbon removal mechanisms
Mitigating Emissions
Group 11.png

Positive Business badge-holders are committed to taking tangible action with every invoice, ensuring that they're making a difference.

CarbonInvoice works with trusted and credible partners in the climate space. We have partnered with Trees That Count for the funding of native tree planting to enable the mitigation of a business carbon footprint over 50 years from planting.


Planting trees is a tangible and robust carbon removal mechanism, which we and our customers strongly believe in, specifically native trees. Moreover, by supporting native tree planting, Positive Businesses not only reduce their carbon footprint but help strengthen biodiversity and support communities to thrive.

Dan Mellon_oval.png

CarbonInvoice is really easy to understand, and the way they measure and mitigate our footprint is credible and simple. It’s great to be able to use this as evidence of our sustainability journey with our Government, Banking and Telco customers and know we are playing our part.

Dan Mellon
Comspek (Director)


Chris Morgan
Oxygen Advisors (Director)

Within 24 hours of signing up, we understood our emissions and were ready to act.

Data security is guaranteed with CarbonInvoice

CarbonInvoice takes data security and privacy very seriously. Security is consider a crucial aspect of the CarbonInvoice culture and way of operating. CarbonInvoice adheres to industry best practices and is dedicated to providing the highest possible security standards for all products and services. For more details please check out CarbonInvoice’s security page or reach out to the security team at

CarbonInvoice is certified by Xero and is available on the Xero App Store in New Zealand, Australia and UK.

But wait there will be more

CarbonInvoice exists so every independent business can make a positive impact by taking meaningful climate action.

Our vision is to inspire a movement of Positive Businesses that lead the way. Those businesses that offer the best service and do the right thing will survive and thrive. They will need information they can trust, actions they can take and stories they can tell.

We are here to enable and empower those Positive Businesses.


Stay tuned for many exciting things to come:

  • Unique Positive Profiles for every Positive Business

  • Additional badges to be unlocked

  • … and much more


Are you ready to give the humble invoice a powerful voice?

Sign up today to start your positive journey

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